General FAQs

The world of recreational sports is ever-changing.  While staying within the guidelines of our Mission Statement and bylaws, we attempt to provide a safe environment while developing the skills and values necessary to compete at the next level.  Below, you will find the answers to some of the questions we’re asked on a regular basis.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a board member.

Q: What is the Sports Participation Fee and why do I have to pay it?

A:  The Boosters are responsible for the organization of registration fees, uniforms, equipment, scheduling, etc. for the Saint Mary athletic programs. To offset the ever-rising cost of running each of the athletic programs throughout the year, the Boosters are collecting a $50 Sports Participation Fee for all student-athletes wishing to participate a sport affiliated with Saint Mary School. Regardless of the number of sports your child plays, the cost is a total of $50/student-athlete. Regardless of the number of sports your child plays, the cost is a total of $50/student-athlete.  It covers K-8 Basketball, U8-U14 Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Dance and Cheerleading. The only exclusion is U6 Soccer.  Please note that this is a “participation fee” is not a “pay-to-play” fee.  The participation fee has no bearing on which team a student-athlete is assigned, playing time, or other coaching decisions.

*Playing soccer through Northern Kentucky Soccer League (NKYSL), still requires you to register through their website and pay the registration fee.

Q:  What is Play Like A Champion (PLAC)?

A:  Play Like A Champion emphasizes the character building elements of sports: teamwork, fairness, friendship, perseverance, courage, and leadership.  It’s a 3 hour training course that is required by the Diocese, if an volunteer wishes to coach.  This covers: basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, dance, and cross country.  There is a fee of $35/person, and at this time (May 2018), the Boosters will be paying for head & assistant coaches.

Q:  How can I sign up to be a coach?

A:  Signing up to be a coach means: You lead by example. You’re dedicated & determined. You teach teamwork. You motivate & listen. You build character. You challenge & develop. You are your team’s biggest fan.   As of 2018, all head & assistant coaches must successfully complete the Play Like A Champion training course.  Sign up to be a coach.

Q:  How is recreational soccer and “select/club/AAU” soccer different, as it relates to the Boosters and what they support?

A:  The Boosters organization financially supports recreational sports associated with Saint Mary and in conjunction with Northern Kentucky Youth Soccer League (NKYSL).  Select/club/AAU sports provide great exposure to talent, skills, etc. but according to our mission, the Boosters currently support a theory in which all children of our school have an equal chance play.  While we do have playing time rules established, we do not have tryouts or hand-pick players for any sport.

Q:  Can my select/club/AAU team practice on Saint Mary grounds?

A:  Possibly.  Please refer to the soccer field usage and basketball court usage pages for the latest information.