Saint Mary Boosters of Alexandria, KY

Board and Contacts

Current Saint Mary Boosters Board Members:

To email any of the board members below, click on the board member’s name.

President – Dan Hafer

Vice President – Tim Webster

Athletic Director – Brandon Busby

Assistant Athletic Director – Bill Blackburn

Treasurer – Bryson Lehman

Secretary – Doug Wells

Trustees – Nick Reitman, Greg Duell

Below are the contacts for each sport available at Saint Mary.  If you need contact info for any of these folks, please reach out to us first:

Soccer – Greg Guidugli

U6 Soccer – Doug Wells

Basketball – Michael Pangallo

Basketball Tournament:  Rob Wietholter

Volleyball – Jenni Blackburn

Cross Country – Kris Amin

Golf – Denise Golden

Dance/Cheer – Jen Besse