Board and Contacts

Current Saint Mary Boosters Board Members:

To email any of the board members below, click on the board member’s name.

President – Tony Webb

Vice President – Dan Hafer

Athletic Director – Scott Ruth

Assistant Athletic Director – Rob Wietholter

Treasurer – Rob Braun

Secretary – Andy Goodman

Trustees – Nick Reitman, Greg Duell & Dan Hafer

Technology & Social Media – Andy Goodman

Below are the contacts for each sport available at Saint Mary.  If you need contact info for any of these folks, please reach out to us first:

Soccer – Greg Guidugli

U6 Soccer – Doug Wells

Basketball – Michael Pangallo

Basketball Tournament:  Rob Wietholter

Volleyball – Jenni Blackburn

Cross Country – Kris Amin

Golf – Denise Golden

Dance/Cheer – Jen Besse